April 12, 2017

Can Fish See in The Dark and How

Can Fish See in The Dark

Keeping fish in an aquarium is exciting and also a great learning experience. For your fish to grow healthy, you will need to understand more about the fish. When night time comes, you may ask: can fish see in the dark?

The eyes of fish are similar to those of birds and mammals. However, their lenses are more spherical as compared to animals and birds. Most species have a color vision; some are sensitive to polarized light while others can see ultraviolet light.

In addition to this, most fish have a lateral line that house neuromasts. These neuromasts are used to sense their surroundings. This attribute is useful to help them find shelter or food in the deep, dark waters in their natural habitat.

To answer your question, fish do not necessarily see in the dark, but their bodies are adapted to moving around in the dark waters. You do not have to worry about them bumping into objects in the aquarium. More so, the deep sea fish.

Well, this is so because their natural habitat is darker than the light provided in the aquariums.


How do Fish Move Around in the Dark

If you keep fish in a tank, you may be concerned about when to turn the lights in the room and aquarium, on or off. Do fish freak out as soon as the lights turn on? People use different strategies to ease light into the surrounding of the fish.

Some turn the lights on in the room where the aquarium is, first. They then wait for a few hours before turning on the lights in the aquarium, in the day. At night, the reverse happens, turn off the lights in your aquarium first, wait for a few hours and turn off the lights in the room.

Others put the lights on their tanks on a timer. The lights will turn on and off at preset times. In turn, the fish will adapt to the pattern, and they will be anticipating when the lights will turn off or on.

In a rest state or level of sleep, the fish will lower their brain activity. This way, they can still swim at night while avoiding bumping into objects. In this state, half of their brain is asleep or resting.

After a few hours, they switch from one side to another. They can still see, in this state but they are not as alert as they would have been had it been daytime.

Fishing in the Dark

Fishing in the Dark

When fishing in the dark, you need to know how to lure the fish to your bait. Can they see your bait? How do you draw them to your bait? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you catch more fish in the dark.

Summer is always the ideal season to go night fishing. However, the pre-spawn and spawn season, you will get bigger fish. Night fishing is more dependent on your senses rather than your sight. If you have been out fishing at night, then you know this to be true.

You could use crank, chatter bait, frogs or chatter worms as bait for the bass. Just use simple shallow water baits that are bigger and darker colors. You will need to fish slower so that you get their attention.

You will need to fish shallow as fish come up the water at night. Your bait needs to make extra noise e.g. reaction bait or vibrating jig. Moving baits have more catches than other baits.

For a newbie, this may be tough as you aren’t able to see much, but you need to sense the bites. On the plus side, you will be able to catch bigger fish, more than your usual score. Not forgetting the excitement from catching stripes that you normally wouldn’t.

To be able to sense the bite, you may use a straight shank light wire hook. It will penetrate the fish easier and sets itself. Drag and bounce your bait as the fish is using its lateral line to sense its surroundings.


Can fish see in the dark? Fish use the neuromasts on their lateral line for sensing their surroundings. This keeps them from bumping into objects in the dark. Also, some fish are suited to living in dark waters, especially the deep sea fish.

If you are keeping fish in an aquarium, then it is recommended to put a timer in your tank. The timer will switch the lights on or off at preset times, and the fish will be able to anticipate when lights will go on or off.

For fishing in the dark, you need to use dark colored baits that produce more noise. You will also need to move your bait slower so that the fish can detect the movement using their lateral line.

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